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Want a Custom Blend from Our Herbal Medicine Shop?

Schedule a Consultation with a Master Herbalist

In order for us to adequately determine your needs, let us get to know you. Consultations can be done by telephone or Google Meet

What can you expect?

Before your consultation, our team here at Tree of Life A&C L.L.C will send you a list of questions to assess your current lifestyle, any presenting ailments that you may have and your overall health goals. During the consultation, we will go over these questions as well as assess all areas of the body. After the consultation is complete, we will take all the information that is gathered and formulate a herbal blend exclusively for you.

How long is the consultation? 

The initial consultation will take about an hour and the follow up will be about 30 minutes (schedule after a month).

How much is the Consultation?

The initial consultation is $75 and follow ups are FREE

Please note- The cost of your custom herbal blend is NOT included with the consultation fee.

Disclosure Statement: Herbalism is not licensed by the State of Louisiana. These consultations are for educational purposes only, and do not replace the services of a licensed physician. Tree of Life A&C L.L.C are not Medical Doctors, and does not diagnose or treat disease.

To schedule, click the button below:

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